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Send Globally API

Global lightning service providers use the Pouch API to send lightning-funded disbursements directly to Philippine bank accounts. This allows fintechs to serve the global Filipino community, one of the largest consumer remittance markets in the world with over $30B in annual volume. Industry-leading lightning wallets already partner with Pouch for Philippine payouts:

Payments API (PHP/LN)

Add support for lightning payments into your app, for your merchants or consumers, and even integrate support for Universal Money Addresses, which is being adopted by banks and wallets around the world, and viewed as the new standard for instant, global, email-like payments.

Custom Bolt Cards

Pouch prints & issues debit cards with your own design, at a fraction of the time & cost compared to VISA/MasterCard. Bolt cards are a better alternative to traditional co-branded debit cards, on the world's fastest growing payment Network. Contact [email protected] to inquire.

White-Labeled Peso eWallet App

Pouch operates the CoopPay app, a white-labeled version of the Pouch app, in partnership with several Philippine cooperatives. If you want to get a top-rated wallet app out to your users as soon as possible, under your own brand, simply contact [email protected] to kick off the conversations. Standard commercial terms include a setup fee, a monthly maintenance fee, and a revenue sharing agreement.


If you have goals relating to Lightning adoption in the Philippines, we would love to partner. Simply drop an email to [email protected].
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