Grow Your Business with the Lightning Network.

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Modern Business Banking.

The Lightning Network is the emerging global standard payment protocol. Lightning is supported by hundreds of wallets and service providers worldwide. Tap payments are even supported, with Bolt Cards, the open-source alternative to closed networks like VISA and MasterCard.
Pouch is licensed by BSP as an Operator of Payment Systems; We partner with Netbank to open PDIC-insured Philippine Peso business accounts.
  • Accept Payments via QR-PH & the Lightning Network
  • No maintenance fees / No minimum deposit

New Payment Methods, New Customers.

Accept payments from 100+ Global eWallets via The Lightning Network, and attract customers seeking to pay with BTC/Lightning. By using Pouch, your business can get featured on international bitcoin-focused maps, directories & blogs, which drives new high-paying customers.
Pouch also supports more traditional local Philippine payment rails, including:
  • InstaPay
  • QR-Ph, via Static QR or Generated on a Device
  • 10,000+ Cash Outlets
Don't want to change banks? You can simply opt for automatic settlements directly into your preferred bank account.
To learn more, contact us at [email protected].
* The Lightning Network is bitcoin's layer-2 scaling solution for payments. Pouch enables merchants to accept bitcoin for payments via lightning without exposure to exchange rate volatility. Pouch absorbs the exchange rate risk by locking-in a bitcoin to peso exchange rate for the duration of the transaction, and businesses receive the exact amount that they had invoiced.
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