Philippine Pesos, Meet Lightning.

Send money anywhere in the world instantly.
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Move Money Globally.

Pouch uses bitcoin's scaling solution, the Lightning Network, to make moving money to the Philippines faster & more affordable. Pouch users can send and receive fee-free, instant payments with hundreds of millions of global lightning users.
Pouch was the first in the Philippines to support Universal Money Addresses, making money transfers as easy as sending to an email-like address (i.e. [email protected]). Get started today to be sure you lock-in your favorite username!


If you use Lightning Network enabled platforms such as THNDR Games or Stakwork, Pouch is your tool to get paid instantly, with a better exchange rate, as simple as that.


Shop. Pay Bills. Purchase Transportation Credits or Prepaid Mobile Load. Pouch is the quickest app for paying your bills, or topping-up your mobile data directly from the app. With QR-Ph support (coming soon), you can QR-pay in-stores across the Philippines.


Available in iOS and Android
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KMC | Skyrise 4B, Cebu I.T. Park, Cebu City
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