Bitcoin Wallet Closed Beta

Ethan Rose
May 21, 2024 is looking for beta testers for a custodial BTC balances feature. This has been our most commonly requested feature for a long time, and we see it as a great way to help friends and family get their first exposure to bitcoin!

The BTC wallets will be under the custody of, our partner, until we have our own approval from BSP to perform BTC custody in-house.

We don’t have any special insight into how Coins performs their BTC custody nor whether they have 100% reserves, and bitcoiners should always be skeptical of custodians, but we chose to work with Coins because they are the oldest & most reputable VASP in the Philippines.

As additional assurance, Pouch will keep excess collateral beyond what users have deposited into their Coins-powered BTC wallets to guarantee deposits of up to P100K per user. For anyone saving more than P100K in BTC, we strongly recommend reading up on self-custody.

A Terms of Service Addendum can be reviewed here.

To apply for the closed beta, please submit ONE OF the following — (1) Pouch username (2) Phone Number (3) Email via this Application Form.

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KMC | Skyrise 4B, Cebu I.T. Park, Cebu City
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