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Move money around the world instantly using Bitcoin's Lightning Network.
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Move Money Globally.

Pouch uses bitcoin's scaling solution, the Lightning Network, to make moving money to the Philippines faster & more affordable. Pouch users can send and receive fee-free, instant payments with hundreds of millions of global lightning users.
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Buy Bitcoin.

The Pouch team strives to create the best experience for our fellow bitcoiners to stack sats and withdraw to self-custody. No 💩coins. Simply an industry-leading app with transparent fees.

Accept Payments.

Our merchants accept bitcoin payments over the lightning network with the ability to receive Pesos instantly -- no exchange rate risk.

We also help promote your business to millions of bitcoiners across the Philippines & the globe, free of charge!


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KMC | Skyrise 4B, Cebu I.T. Park, Cebu City
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